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A new streaming concept
is coming...

e-Theater WeDo!

The world's first virtual and gamified theater.


This new streaming service offers an immersive and interactive experience for you and your friends to enjoy the best of culture and entertainment from anywhere, on any device, without leaving home.

e-Theater WeDo! provides a gamified environment for you to experience being in a theater. By choosing your character (avatar), you enter our theater and connect with other users. Explore our lobby, purchase your ticket for the event, as well as various real and virtual accessories to make your experience even more enjoyable. Then, head to the screening room and enjoy the show, along with your friends and many other fans.

For Investors:

We are open to receiving investments. Join us to advance in the game.

For Sponsors:

Activate your brand or e-commerce on our platform. Here, your brand becomes a character in the game.

 For Cultural Producer:

Let's digitize your show and together expand cultural boundaries?

Are you ready to go beyond limits?

Join us, WeDo!

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